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How to make a room look bigger with blinds


Have you ever walked into a small apartment to been amazed at how big and spacious it is? Chances are the rooms only look bigger than they are and the illusion of space was created by some smart choices and arrangements of the furniture, artwork, and floor coverings. Another easy and foolproof way is to use blinds that will entice the eye into thinking your home is larger than it really is. With the correct window treatment, you can make a tremendous impact on the way a room appears to be bigger than it actually is.

It s not only small rooms that can benefit from blinds as there is always at least one room that could be made to appear larger through the use of aesthetic and visual enhancements. If you’re not sure whether to go with blinds or curtains, keep in mind that curtains droop more into the room and have a chunkier appearance than blinds, and they cover more of the wall surfaces around the window. Curtains are almost always hungover and not inside the window recess, whereas blinds can be hung either way, allowing you to choose which approach gives the most flattering impression of the room’s size.

Bear in mind that you want to direct a person’s eye when they enter a room and blinds offer a wide range of options to do just that.

How to make a room look bigger with blinds

Tips on how to make a room look bigger with blinds

Make clever colour choices

You want the blinds you purchase to blend in with the room’s general design. At Blinds4u we have a variety of colours, lengths, and opaqueness levels to choose from. You should keep with lighter hues like white, eggshell, cream or tones of grey in order to create a fresh uncluttered feel. Dark colours will tend to make you feel closed in and can actually have the opposite effect by making the room seem smaller than it actually is.

Sheer blinds are excellent for allowing ample natural light into the room. While they do offer a measure of privacy, they may not be your best choice if your number one priority is to keep inquisitive eyes away.

Always take the colour of your walls into consideration when choosing the colour of your blinds. You want them to be compatible with one another, but you do not need them to be identical. Grey shades or blinds, for example, will look stunning in a room with white walls and furniture.

Design does matter

Window treatments that are simple, plain, and elegant are ideal for smaller rooms. The more patterns and shapes in a design, the smaller the room appears to be. Avoid overly complex designs and instead settle for smaller, more delicate ones.

Some people find that using blinds with crisp vertical lines, whether in their pattern or design, helps a room or wall appear taller. Stripes, however, do want some caution when your goal is to make the room seem bigger in that you will rather go for neutral or lighter colours and less contrast to achieve a subtler match with the wall colour.

Slatted blinds also require some careful consideration as a crispy white wood or faux-wood blind, though minimalistic in design, can look a bit funny and a poor choice for a small window. The use of horizontal blinds with vertical slats, on the other hand, draws the eye along the horizontal and can make the wall appear longer. Additionally, if the slats are narrow, they won’t appear too bulky for an ordinary sized window. Slatted blinds, on the other hand, tend to be a little too much for a very small window or wall.

Vertical blinds are ideal for contemporary settings, and they are also extremely popular in smaller spaces where you want to give the sense of higher ceilings by drawing the eye upward. Because they are mounted so close to the ceiling, they give the impression of being higher than they actually are.

More to think about

In any smaller room try to ensure that the window covering you choose is flush with the actual window. In this case, classic blinds, wood blinds, or even roller shades are a good choice for a better fit and overall look.

If your room has low ceilings, work around the problem with blinds that are mounted close to the ceiling. This will facilitate eye movement up rather than down and so create the illusion of height.

There are a few other things you can do to make a room appear larger. Get rid of any unnecessary stuff in and around your windows. You want to avoid putting anything in front of windows because it will reduce the quantity of natural light that gets into the space. Finally, use strategically placed mirrors that will reflect the window and enhance the illusion of light.

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