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Need blinds in Klerksdorp? We’ve got you covered. With one of the widest and most beautiful selections of blinds for windows of all shapes and sizes, our products are perfect for people looking to revamp their interior décor by adding some functional, stylish window coverings. We also supply blinds in Potchefstroom and other areas in South Africa.

Blinds can change the way that your office or home looks. One simple addition can make a world of difference to the aesthetic of the space in which it is placed. At Blinds4U, our many years of experience, along with our array of products can transform the design of any room.

Our carefully curated selection of blinds are made from some of the most beautiful fabrics, which are as durable as they are nice to look at. As one of the longest standing industry leaders operating in the Klerksdorp area, Binds4U is more than capable of meeting your needs.

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We have perfected our services as well as our products. This means we are dedicated to providing our clients with a personalised service, by not only making sure that their needs are met but that they also enjoy a friendly service.

Blinds are not the only fashionable window coverings we have on offer. We also provide a range of tinted window and frosted window options that are ideal for those who are going for a minimalist look. We have supplied a number of Klerksdorp homes and businesses with their ideal shading, and some of our more popular products include both wooden and bamboo blinds.

Our team are experts at sourcing blinds and then installing them regardless of your specific requirements. We have a reputation for perfection and we aim to supply our clients with the best service possible. If you are unsure of what you need, or what will best serve your needs, you can contact us for a consultation.

Choosing your Blinds in Klerksdorp

Much like any other interior decorating decisions, the type of blinds you choose are likely to be first and foremost a reflection of your personal style and tastes. With our range of blinds and other window coverings, along with the option of importing blinds should you be looking for something else, you will find the style that matches your personality.

When you have decided what type of blinds you’d like to have, you can contact us and we will come to where you are.

Regardless of where you are situated in Klerksdorp, we will meet with you and bring along our samples of fabrics and examples of designs which you can use to make your selection even easier. Once you have settled on the fabric and style that we have available, our team will return to measure the space and then either order or manufacture your blinds.  

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We don’t like to keep our clients waiting so we work as fast as possible for provide you with your blinds. Our installation process is fairly fast and always accurate, so all your really have to do is give it the occasional wipe down should it get a little dusty. 

Some of the blind styles that we currently have available for our clients to choose from include:

  • Panel blinds
  • Shutters
  • Aluminium blinds (20 and 25mm)
  • Plain, brushed, perforated or wood grain blinds
  • Bamboo blinds
  • Vertical blinds
  • Venetian Basswood blinds

Our window blinds are well-priced and since we supply the installation for free you will really be benefitting all the way. Our experts will answer any of your questions, should you have them.

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Tips for Buying Window Blinds

It seems like a fairly straightforward purchase but in reality, buying blinds can get quite complicated when you don’t know much about what is out there, what is a good buy, and what is not. Sometimes the options can be quite overwhelming, but it is not impossible to make the decision when you have these tips.

  1. Know your options

Do a bit of online research and of course have a look at what we have to offer.

Blinds can have certain features that you should consider. Some of these include style, energy efficiency, privacy, and light control.

Decide which features are more important to you than others, and then have a look at all of your options. Something will jump out at you.

  1. Measure

It would be a waste if you went out and bought blinds but failed to accurately measure. Most store bought blinds come in a standard size, but we know that not all windows are standard. This is why working with a professional company like ours is without a doubt going to be the smart option.

We will come to you and accurately measure the space before attempting any installations.

  1. Direction

Knowing which way the window is facing can help a lot. If your window is facing the direction that gets a lot of sunlight, you might want to opt for thicker shades that keep the light, and thus the heat, out. If you are unsure of the direction, we can help you out.

Although you will have many options when it comes to the type of window coverings you can choose, which include tinted windows and the traditional curtains, blinds are something special because the look so good and they are often more effective than the other options.

Blinds are neat and tidy and require very little looking after, apart from the odd clean every now and then. They are the ideal addition when you want to create a relaxed space in a professional setting, while they are equally fantastic for making a home look and feel cosy.

For more information about our blinds in Klerksdorp, you can contact Blinds4U.