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Blinds4U welcomes innovative tinted windows

In an exciting new development, Blinds4U have expanded their product range to include innovative tinted and frosted windows that dramatically reduce glare, block out 99% of UV rays, improve safety and cool down indoor spaces by up to 80%.Contact us Today

Developed in America, Klingshield’s UV window film costs less than any available tinted glass, glass blocks or extended sun shading devices. While sunshine and spectacular views are South Africa’s pride and joy, heat, glare and dangerous UV rays enter through normal windows, causing discomfort and possible health problems.

Easily applied to any glass, the window films are an energy efficient solution, whilst they also protect carpets, furniture and merchandise from fading. In the long run, the film is easy on the pocket too, saving hugely on air-conditioning costs. Whether your business is outfitting or footwear, butchery or baking, pharmaceuticals or groceries, the effects of the sun can considerably shorten the lifespan of merchandise, so a simple application of the film can prevent this problem and save money on wasted products.

Blinds4U offers the window films in a wide variety of styles, allowing homeowners and businessmen to express their individual tastes. Customers can choose between clear, tinted, reflective, semi-reflective, frosted and ceramic finishes, in a variety of colours. Modern computerised cutting systems can be programmed to cut the films into an endless variety of patterns, from basic shapes to scanned logos and texts that increase your company’s visibility.

Large glass windows and doors can be hazardous, especially for young children who are naturally attracted to them. Klingshield’s safety film is perfect for solving this issue, assisting to prevent broken glass from shattering under all circumstances. Similar to ‘smash and grab’ car windows, the film also provides effective protection against robberies in a country where crime is an ever-present worry.

As the cherry on top, the window films are guaranteed against cracking and peeling for up to 10 years

Klingshield has been synonymous with quality, service, protection and personal protection for over 38 years. The company strives to compete with the world leaders in window film offering the latest film technology and high quality products to solve all window related problems.

Blinds4U is delighted to welcome Klingshield’s high quality product range to its offerings.