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What Blinds  Trends to Expect for 2023

Anyone who has ever shopped for curtains or blinds understands how tricky it can be to settle on a style. Curtain fashions come and go, but if you get a high-quality fabric, your drapes can last for many years without needing to be replaced.

It’s difficult to know if the pattern or color you’re drawn to now will still be in style in a few years, so we generally choose neutral designs instead.

While some styles will be more at home in a contemporary setting, others will be at home in a more classic one. This is also true of window treatments; regardless of your personal aesthetic, there is currently a fashionable option available to you.

These chic concepts, which include anything from handcrafted accents to novel uses of pelmets, are here to stay. They will even please the most daring of decorators in 2023. In this blog, we will be discussing the latest trends that you can expect for 2023 when you are considering buying blinds and curtains. Contact us today and request a free quote online.


Trend Predictions For 2023


1.    Minimalist roller blinds


Blinds that roll up into a tube can effectively block out light while also blending in with their environment. They not only shield your valuables from the sun’s rays but also provide a touch of class to the room.

Roller blinds combine the best features of both worlds, and since they look great in so many contemporary homes, they won’t go out of style very soon.


2.    Subtle curtain designs


Modern prints are restrained and understated, adding a touch of character to a room without overwhelming it.

Some of the most popular patterns are throwbacks to earlier eras in design or exotic motifs meant to evoke a feeling of vacation at home. The design will age gracefully if you go with small-scale prints.


3.    Cellular blinds


Adding an extra layer of insulation to a room, these blinds are made of two layers of cloth sandwiching a layer of air between them. They come in a wide range of colors and styles, and the pleats can be tailored to suit your own preferences.

But what if you don’t require the insulating benefits of cellular blinds, but still want the control over natural light they provide? When that’s the case, you might consider installing day/night cellular shades.

These window coverings feature a cellular fabric layer and a sheer fabric layer for optimal insulation. This way, you can bask in the sun throughout the day without giving up your privacy at night.


4.    Graphic curtains


Achieving harmony between the many prints is essential for making a striking graphic print work as a contemporary window treatment.

Squares and triangles should have their sharp angles softened with a muted color scheme and airy fabrics, whereas round shapes should be decked out in richer tones and heavier textiles.

Bold vertical stripes in opposing colors add an element of fun; you can dial down the impact by experimenting with stripe width and spacing.


5.    Environmentally friendly blinds


Bamboo, wool, and jute are just some examples of eco-friendly materials used to make sustainable blinds. Also, they rarely have any volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or other potentially dangerous chemicals.

You may further feel good about your purchase of eco-friendly blinds because there are companies out there that place a premium on ethically sourcing their materials.

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