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If you’re seeking detailed information, you might be disappointed by the typical lifespan of a window blind, which might range from a couple of years at the low end to decades at the high end. If you’re wondering how long blinds should last on average, every high-quality, custom-made blind should endure for at least ten years and probably much more.

The way you care for your blinds is crucial if you want them to live up to their maximum expected lifespan. Making sure a blind is hung correctly from the start and is used sensibly can greatly increase its lifespan or hasten its demise if done otherwise. In this blog, we will be comparing the different types of blinds on their longevity.

Discussing the Different Types of Blinds

Roller Blinds


Fabric blinds known as roller blinds can have either one or two rotating slats. Just to keep things simple, we refer to them as roller blinds and double roller blinds.

Assuming you didn’t pick a non-waterproof roller blind for a very wet or humid room, a custom-made roller blind should last you at least a decade.

However, ready-made roller blinds are typically the most cost-effective option, despite having a lifespan of only two years instead of the recommended five.


Venetian blinds


Aluminum, the material used to make Venetian blinds, has the advantages of being lightweight, flexible, and resistant to rust, cracking, fading, and warping from exposure to moisture. Again, their tailor-fit quality makes them a good option for the kitchen and bathroom. It’s more common that Venetian blinds will outlast your liking for them than that they’ll break and require replacement due to your desire for a design change.

A well-maintained set of custom Venetian blinds can last for up to 12 years with normal use, though they may need to be replaced sooner if pets or youngsters are rough with them.

If treated with care and operated on with consideration, a set of ready-made Venetian blinds can last anywhere from three to five years.


Wooden, Bamboo, and faux wooden blinds


Real wood blinds, custom-made, have a minimum lifespan of around 8 – 10 years with regular care and can last as long as 10-15 years with extreme house pride and attention to their needs. When they are put to good use, it is more likely that you will become bored with their appearance and desire to replace them than that they will fail.

Faux wood blinds can be used in damp environments like kitchens and bathrooms since they are made to withstand water and humidity without warping or rotting. If you take good care of your made-to-measure faux wood blinds and clean them regularly, they should last for at least seven years without exhibiting any indications of wear and tear, and they may even endure into the decade range.

50mm Bamboo Venetian blinds have the added benefit that they are lighter than wood and that puts less strain on the mechanisms of the blind. They pull up much easier.

Bamboo blinds will not only protect your floors and furniture against ultraviolet light but will provide a fresh, natural look to any living room or bedroom. If your taste is minimalistic, it will provide clean lines with a natural feel. In a more traditional home, there is nothing like the warmth of natural wood colors to add texture and a cozy, warm look.

This eco-friendly product is UV protected with varnish which strengthens the bamboo slats as well as protects them from our harsh South African sun.

Wooden, Bamboo, and faux wooden blinds

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