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Never go in blind when you consider blinds.

While curtains offer better insulation and soundproofing than blinds, the latter beat curtains in energy efficiency. Blinds leak more heat from a room, hence decrease indoor heat gain more efficiently in the summer, which asks for less use of air-conditioning and can lower your electricity bill.

Other benefits of opting for blinds rather than curtains, are that they are more durable and resistant to fading when exposed to direct sunlight.

Blinds4U (Pty) Ltd is a registered leading blind supplier company that renders services in Gauteng, Mpumalanga, Limpopo, North West, and Mozambique. We have blinds for sale in the East Rand, Nelspruit and numerous other towns in these provinces.

Blinds4U is a premier boutique blinds firm with very good prices and value on affordable quality blinds in Centurion and the ideal place to turn to when selecting blinds for an improved workspace or home.

Blinds4U is a family-run business that became one of the leading blinds suppliers in South Africa and offers a wide range of the best quality customized blinds, umbrellas, and now also tinted and frosted windows.

When doing business with Blinds4U, you enjoy the fruit of years of experience and an established footprint in Gauteng, Mpumalanga, Limpopo, North West, and Mozambique. The company is continuously expanding to cater for clients in South Africa and in neighboring countries.

The company is adamant to meet the needs of its clients by providing them with the best advice, excellent customer service, and professional workmanship.

The company prides itself on a reputation of exquisite service at quality prices and clients from all over agree that the Blinds 4 U experience will assure you of the following:

  • Best prices on all quality products, including Venetian Basswood, Aluminium 25 and 50 mm blinds, plain, brushed, perforated or wood grain, bamboo, vertical, panel, and shutters.
  • Quotations are given free on-site with the company doing the measurements themselves.
  • Guaranteed top-quality products at affordable prices.
  • Service of excellent quality.
  • Same-day quotations.
  • Free installations.


Trusted products


The company’s premium quality Centurion blinds are manufactured in various styles such as Basswood, Venetian, Aluminium and Woven Bamboo, while roller blinds, vertical blinds and shutters are also available.

When its service is needed, Blinds4U will visit the office or home of a client with a sample range of fabrics and materials, and advise on new products available, as well as the best prices or current trends in the industry.

Windows or doors will be measured by experienced representatives for the purpose of a quotation, and they will guide clients through the whole process, from a selection of the best products to free installation in the home or office.

The same process is followed when the client needs products like unique imported customised outdoor umbrellas, while the tinting and frosting of windows that can keep indoor spaces cool and free of damaging UV rays, will also be suggested and discussed by representatives if applicable.

In addition to the above service, Blinds4U believes in the timeless values of honesty, trust, and teamwork with light-hearted fun, and promises to offer the best modern products at affordable prices to suit any client’s pocket.

Part of this promise includes the company’s pride in being able to beat any written quotation.


Quality and Style at the Best Price


Blinds4U is adamant that its range of blinds for sale is not only versatile, but available in various styles to suit everyone’s taste. This wide product range and expertise have made the company a leading blind supplier in South Africa.

Its range of affordable blinds for sale include various fabric and styles:


Roller Blinds


Roller blinds comprise single or double sheets of fabric, that can roll up and down to either cover or expose a window. Roller blinds are a trusted and classic choice for window dressings and probably the most well-known type of blind.  Blinds4U stocks an extensive range of roller blinds in a selection of sizes, colors, and patterns to choose from.


Block out Rollers


Blackout roller blinds are a type of roller blinds that provide extra high levels of insulation to reduce unwanted external light. They are also available in a choice of colours and textures to fit all windows.


Day and Night Double Rollers


This type of rollers are made from two layers of fabric which glide over each other. As the fabric alternates between sheer and opaque blocks, it gives the client a choice to control exactly how much light the person wants to enter a room.

When adjusted to fully sheer it will allow maximum light into a room, whilst still providing a degree of privacy. When adjusted to fully opaque, the blinds provide maximum privacy and shades the room from glaring sunlight, but still allowing some natural light to filter through.

The client also has the option to adjust the blinds so that the sheer and opaque blocks alternate, which gives a happy medium of privacy and light while adding a contemporary look to a home.


Vertical Blinds


Vertical blinds are a collection of fabric slats that open to the side, and not up- or downwards like Venetian or roller blinds.

Vertical blinds save space and create modern, clean lines in as room. They are manufactured in a variety of natural tones to blend seamlessly with the décor of a room while adding a stylish finish to any window.


Venetian Blinds


This type of blinds operate with an easy-to-use tilt mechanism and are available in a variety of different colours and finishes, including wooden blinds.

It remains a tried and trusted kind of blind and can be made to a client’s exact specifications.


Security Shutters


Security Shutters have become an integral part of home security solutions and offers a way to shuttering a home’s doors and windows with these added benefits. Security Shutters is a novel way in which a client can get customised and attractive home security.

More products that go hand in hand with Security Shutters, are Robodoor Security Gates, also provided by Blinds4U, and Securequip, a retractable and fixed security barrier that effectively protects a property. Made from aluminium in a single upright, it leaves no leverage for a crowbar and has a strong unique locking system.


Popular materials used in the manufacturing of blinds:


The following materials, each with its own features and benefits, are used to make these modern ranges of blinds:

  • Basswood – The choice of grains and stains allows you to fully personalise your blinds precisely to any taste and décor.
  • Plasswood – This hybrid composite material combines plastic and wood and is a technological breakthrough in the blinds industry. They look and feel exactly like wooden blinds with its textures and stains but possess none of wood’s weaknesses.
  • Bamboo – is an amazing way of creating texture and depth in a room. Available in a variety of wood shades, it perfectly complements any flooring.
  • Fabric, like cotton, canvas etc. Cotton, polyester/cotton blends, linen, blended linen, damasks and jacquard fabrics are all ideal for making blinds.
  • Shearweave Fabric – Such interior sun control fabrics provide the perfect balance of light, comfort and beauty.
  • Aluminium – These blinds are very durable and some of the most cost-effective window treatments on the market.
If you need advice on which blinds would work best in your home or office, get in touch with the Blinds4U team. They will professionally assist with custom blinds and offer free quotes and installations on blinds for sale in Centurion.

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