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March 18, 2016
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20% Discount on Venetian Blinds @ Blinds4U

Blinds4U offers 20% discount on beautiful Venetian blinds

Blinds4U, one of South Africa’s top suppliers of quality blinds, is offering an incredible 20% special on gorgeous Venetian blinds, running until the end of April.

Venetian blinds are simple, streamlined blinds which are guaranteed to add a classy look to any home. As far as functionality goes, the blinds are the most versatile option for controlling light that enters the room, with the slats allowing you to either guide it in or block it out.

The blinds are available in attractive aluminium or tasteful basswood. Basswood blinds are made from wood sourced from renewable plantations in the Far East, and undergo kilning, UV protection and waterproofing processes to ensure top quality. Because of the natural grain construction, the blinds can also be stained or painted to produce a finished appearance of your choice. Another advantage is their lightweight construction, which makes the far easier to pull up than faux wood blinds.

Blinds4U’s aluminium Venetian blinds also hold a number of fantastic advantages. The blinds are very light without compromising on strength, while they are also affordable and exceptionally easy to clean. Those who believe in green living will appreciate the fact the blinds are fully recyclable. In terms of durability, aluminium is completely resistant to corrosion and has the ability to flex or spring back from the shock of an accidental impact, ensuring a long lifespan.

The aluminium blinds offered by Blinds4U are available in four attractive finishes, including woodgrain, brushed, perforated or plain.

As far as installation goes, Blinds4U is completely dedicated to the needs of customers. A member of the team will visit your home or office with the various Venetian blind samples to choose from. Expert advice will be given to help you make your selection, before the blinds are expertly installed at no cost.

With the amazing 20% special offered by Blinds4U, now is the perfect opportunity to get your hands on these beautiful, high-quality blinds at a better price than you would find anywhere else.

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